samedi 29 décembre 2012

Pretty in Pink - Bead Soup Reveal #2

Pretty in Pink - Bead Soup Reveal #2: It's time for Bead Soup Reveal #2 and I'm really excited about my humble offerings today.  My exchange partner was the amazingly talented Dot Lewallen.  Dot makes exquisite chokers and dolls out of seed beads, and you can see more of her work here including the two beautiful pieces she made from my ancient seaglass beads for this Bead Soup exchange!

Here are the shots I took of my finished works -- they're photographed on top of one of my big canvas paintings which I hope do not distract from the finished pieces too much.  I tried a variety of backgrounds and lights and finally settled on the almost neutral background of "Autumn Leaves are Falling."

Dot supplied me with an exquisite Raku owl pendant and some
creamy pink jasper beads along with some gold pearls and pink
beads.  The clasp on the bracelet is absolutely beautiful - gold
pearls are inside the silver roses.  I used one of my own lampworked
beads on the bracelet -- it's the free-form pink/black one on the left and
matches the other free-form pink bead on the pendant.

Isn't the silver flower clasp unique?  I wasn't sure how to use it and hope
I did it right......I truly love the combo of the soft pink with the golds and
silver metals.  I had to throw in some crystals for good measure!

Of course I had to add a pair of my asymmetrical
earrings.....these stone beads from Dot are beautiful!

Here's a closeup of the Raku owl pendant.  I used a bronze necklace
that I had lying around and added 4 strands of mixed beads with pinks,
golds, bronze and ivory to go with the pretty little iridized shells.  The
lampworked bead at the top is one of mine and is etched to give
it the creamy look that I love so much.  I couldn't get the camera
to show off the lovely iridized glazing on the owl - but it's there!

I had a lot of little beads left over and wanted to make another pendant with
a bunch of "hangy-dangys" on the end.  I used a sterling pounded metal
circle as a holder and added 4 charms that included 2 of my lampworked beads.
I'm so grateful to Lori Anderson for her continued patience and incredible creativity.  I partake in several exchanges throughout the year, but Bead Soup will always be my #1 favorite.  I am eternally indebted to Dot for opting to be my exchange partner after my first candidate had to back out; and want to thank my very first Bead Soup partner, Karen Williams for surprising me with another set of beads too.  Doing
two Bead Soups this year is truly a treat, and I'm looking forward to learning some more techniques between
now and the next exchange!

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