vendredi 9 novembre 2012

ALAN JAMES | Reykjavik - Iceland

ALAN JAMES | Reykjavik - Iceland:

Alan James

Leaving the UK at the age of Nineteen, Alan spent the next decade of his life travelling throughout Europe and Asia, at times surviving as a Caricaturist.

In 1993 he moved to Iceland with his family where he spent Four years studying Painting in the Northern Town of Akureyri located only 62 miles from the Arctic Circle.

Alan graduated from the Akureyri school of Art in 1997,and moved to Reykjavik where he exhibited frequently as an Abstract Artist in Oils to high critical acclaim. 

During walks along the windswept peninsula of Seltjarnarnes,greater Reykjavik,he often mused how he could incorporate the Nature into his paintings.

Returning from one such walk a few years back he turned his attention to a few small Stones he had inadvertently collected in his coat pocket, and for a whim decided to paint one,the rest is History. 

He now resides in Iceland's Capital City,Reykjavik,where he spends his days scouring desolate Beaches and Rivers in search of the perfect Stone.

To see more of Alan´s art please visit his page on Facebook!

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