vendredi 9 novembre 2012


ALAIN CARPENTIER | Brest - France:

The passion is dizzying; it takes us beyond our limits...

These sayings by Alain Carpentier,  born in Paris in 1953, initiate the presentation of this multidisciplinary artist. I have chosen to show his work  LES CARRECTANGLES - Hommage à Keith Haring to illustrate the meticulously precise arranged details that run throughout his œuvre:

"Since I was 10, my toys are brushes and oil tubes. Designer, I improved my painting every year during the holidays with an old painter in Brittany (France). 

Expression for me is Art. My journey is full of meetings, technical discoveries according to my travels (Africa, Asia, Latin America…) and my view of the world and nature. Art, universal language that reconciles the solitudes, the human emotions and transcends the sensitivities. 

I am a self-taught artist. Lonely in creation, my need for communication and sharing is expressed by exhibitions and meetings. Art is the glaze, my expression is vital breath. My life experiences, my contacts, my emotions make my expression more intense. I'm not "man of words" but "man of materials". Ink is the common point. The most important is in sharing between works and glazes, then everything takes place;

University, then my first job. Very dense career, several companies’ managements and a life very busy with work and family. Overloaded! Settled in Brittany, near the ocean, I became conscious of the vital need of creation and of refocusing me on the basic essentials: my artistic expression. I don’t use my brain when I’m painting, only my feelings. It’s a meditative painting. Acclaimed exhibits, strong artistic supports pushing me to share, to exhibit, and finally, a recent coming on the Net lead me towards an interesting life full of creations, of artistic and human discoveries!"

To see more of Alain Carpentier´s art please visit the webpage and the page on Facebook.

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