jeudi 11 octobre 2012

"FUSION III" - return of "lost" painting by Carol Nelson

"FUSION III" - return of "lost" painting by Carol Nelson:

This is an incredible story.  In 2007, I dropped off two paintings at a gallery in Loveland, CO.  The names of the paintings, done in similar style, were Fusion II and Fusion III.

Some time later I received a check from the gallery for the sale of Fusion III.

Time went by.  I FORGOT about the other painting I had at the gallery.  I know, it's like forgetting about one of your children, so I'm a bad mom.

A few days ago, I received a call from the gallery saying they were closing, and that I should come and get my painting.  When I went to pick up what I thought was Fusion II, there was THIS painting, Fusion III.

I was shocked, because of the two, this one was by far, my favorite.  I had this painting marked "sold" on my website for 5 years!  They took good care of it, and it's just as beautiful as I remembered.

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