mercredi 10 octobre 2012



Danielle Davis is an abstract symbolist paintress who dreams plays & creates on the island of Hawaii.  I asked her to tell us about one of her most impressive serie based on the element water and which is highly presenting her closeness to the geological form of her habitat:

"Often when doing meditative pieces or works about water I use the symbol in portions of the work's design due to its meaning of "Water Bearer, symbolically and eternally giving life" it becomes a source of strength, life force, meditation and pronounces full cycles of nature.

What I love about the symbol is that its very Yin-Yang in nature, the circle/sphere combined then with the lines, it conveys the dualism of the worldy realm in a very simple yet complete manner in the style of simplicity about complex subjects that I like to achieve in my work.

Abstract painting for me is a symbolic visual language that aims to communicate our broader reality, inspire understanding, connection & further exploration of the subject matter. 

I create using simple colors, forms, direction & shapes, presenting them in a manner that examines the way we as people relate to the world in our purest senses. My themes are often explained from the point of a direct observer to achieve this, but always abstract to reflect that greater view...the only absolutes are the questions themselves. 

I´ve read an interview on the website of Danielle Davis and picked out this sentences which convey the message of her sensibility and her art in life:

"I have a special love for the sea. There is just something so magical about it. Water is the source of life and its amazing that it makes up much of what we are, but we can also participate with it and enjoy it as a witness."

Please visit the website, the blog and the page on Facebook to see the wide range of creativity!

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