lundi 18 mars 2013

New Orleans workshop info

New Orleans workshop info: This is a flyer put out for my upcoming workshop in New Orleans:

Carol Nelson
Experiments in Mixed Media
4 day workshop
This workshop will feature a series of projects, one per day, in which we will explore different mixed media techniques Carol uses in her paintings. We’ll be doing some wild and crazy stuff that is SURE to ruffle your muse and stretch you as an artist. Students can expect to complete one or more paintings per day.
Carol’s approach to mixed media works for both realism and abstraction. You will learn about a variety of materials and techniques such as use and preparation of tyvek, metals and metal foils, rusted iron paint, repurposing old paintings, making your own unique collage papers, and some inexpensive substitutes for high priced art materials.
Carol will also discuss abstract composition and color theory, various kinds of supports, how to attach various collage elements, and presentation options for a finished piece.

Click here for a supply list and more information on my website.

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