lundi 14 janvier 2013

10 Artists and the Music They Listen to While Painting

10 Artists and the Music They Listen to While Painting:

artists musicCertain types of music may inspire some artists during their creation process.
I love to have music playing in the background while I paint. Fast, upbeat music sometimes inspires me to be very expressive with my brush. I typically listen to this type of music at the outset of a painting… since I like to fill the canvas as fast as I can. For the second half of the creation process I usually turn to slower, mellow music. This type of music helps me to be more precise and technical in my brush strokes.
For the artist spotlight, I have asked artists to answer the question “What music do you listen to while creating art?” Some of these 10 artists have answered this question, and their answers are below, along with an image of their art.
What type of music do you like to have playing in your studio while making art?

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