mardi 4 décembre 2012

Svetlana Ivanchenko [Светлана Иванченко]

Svetlana Ivanchenko [Светлана Иванченко]:
Svetlana Ivanchenko [Светлана Иванченко] is an Ukrainian painter.

Technique: Sand shell mosaic.

Unique sand and shell mosaic is stored in all the wilderness shades of natural materials.

Art, which combines the captivating beauty of native wildlife. Unfathomable stretch of imagination the author leaves no one indifferent, again emphasizing the originality of talent of the Ukrainian people.

Svetlana was born and raised in the Black Sea in Yalta. She studied at the Yalta Art School, graduated Glukhovsky Pedagogical Institute, named by Sergeyev-Tsensky, specialtized in Fine Art. She lives and works in the city of Dnipropetrovsk. Her works adorn private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Germany and Israel.

Svetlana Ivanchenko  [Светлана Иванченко] - Ukrainian Abstract painter

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