mardi 4 décembre 2012

HEINZ WIDOWITZ | Villach - Austria

HEINZ WIDOWITZ | Villach - Austria:

I became known to Heinz Widowitz after my first exhibition in Villach (Carinthia - Austria) in  2009 and am still fascinated from his photos:

Heinz Widowitz has always been fascinated by beauty and harmony in general and celebrates his passion by taking pictures in an extraordinary quality by using the advantages of digital capture.

Here you can see a few works out of his wide range of objects and techniques and there´s no need to describe them. The photos show the sensible eye of Heinz Widowitz, the photographer. 

His work has been published by me as the poetress "nika baum" because of the wonderful symbiosis between the amazing images and my texts. I´m very thankful about this collaboration.

As the founder of the non-profit-project ||| Kunst trifft Wien ||| Art meets Vienna ||| 
I hope I can find  sponsors to publish an innovative and incredible book with photo art by various international photographers I´m connected to.

If you want to see more photos by Heinz Widowitz please send an email to - you´ll be connected to him.

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