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About Pablo Picasso – Paintings and Biography

About Pablo Picasso – Paintings and Biography:

There are few artists that have had the influence on modern art as much as Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso (1888-1973). Picasso loved to experiment with new ideas and techniques. He was a master of many styles and art forms, and was a true innovator in his time, inventing and co-founding several art movements, including the Cubist movement (along with Georges Braque). 
about pablo picasso biographyPablo Picasso was not an artist who was content with staying the same. He experimented with many mediums, including collage, drawing, print making, ceramics, painting, poetry, stage design, architecture and sculpture.
He was one of the rare artists who managed to achieve great fame and wealth during his lifetime. During his life, he received more notoriety than any other artist in history.
Picasso’s most memorable paintings are Guernica (his interpretation of when Germany bombed Guernica during the Spanish Civil War) and Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (1907) (seen below).

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