lundi 24 septembre 2012

Bee Blocks Ready to Mail...

Bee Blocks Ready to Mail...:
Happy Sunday! I hope that your week was a lot of fun! I worked fifty hours this week, so I am a bit tired. I thought I would share some of the Bee Blocks that are ready to mail. I live my life in perpetual motion and am constantly running to catch up with my Bee Blocks! All of the blocks in this post are improvisational blocks to one degree or another.
The first block that went out in the mail was for Linda of Design Camp 2, of flickr. Linda supplied the material and requested an "Improv Skinny Strip Block." I loved working with the hues of grey ad mustard. The solid strips once trimmed and quilted will create negative blocks of space in her quilt. 
The following four blocks are for the Nubee's Block Swap on flickr. The color choices were made by the recipients and all four blocks are very simple and random. Most of the pieces used were from my scrap basket.

For Allison
 For Anne
 For Brandy
 For Laura
Since today is my only day off, there is so much to try to do between cleaning, running to the store and trying to squeeze in a few more hours of sewing. Perhaps I shall make a list of what to tackle first and on down the line! Please look for an upcoming blog post with a giveaway to celebrate the new look of my blog! Do you like it? Change is always exciting and as the weeks progress I will update the newly added pages. Thank you for stopping to read my post! Have a very Happy Sunday and Happy Quilting!

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